Your stakeholders’ challenges and pain points are a call to action.

Which of these makes your priority list? Strategic Workforce Planning implementation will:
Plans for future business growth Affirm requirements in critical roles
Improve operational efficiency Align business and talent metrics
Skills deficiencies in your current workforce Prioritize required competencies
Strong competition for high quality talent Screen talent in vs. screen out
To be an agile organization Build culture to withstand change
Improve profitability Reduce turnover and vacancy costs
Impending retirement of older employees Segment talent assets and roles
Increase employee engagement and productivity Inspire talent to take on HARD goals
HR as a strategic business partner Use metrics as a management tool
Make headway on pain points Diagnose root causes
Organizational restructuring Deploy talent to leverage strengths
Skills shortage in the external talent market Adjust strategies to buy, build and borrow talent
Readiness for external market demands Prepare for probable futures
Mergers and acquisitions Achieve intended ROI
Integrated talent management Collaborate to impact the business


Which of these priorities engages your stakeholders?

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