Have you diverse groupnoticed that time to fill critical roles is increasing? 

By 2020, there will be 130m skilled labor jobs with only 55-60m people having the skills to perform them.  Shortages are showing up now in sales, IT, Engineering, Finance, and skilled trades, where there is low or even negative unemployment.

  • Can you calculate the cost of vacancies in critical roles?

Vacancies in critical roles impact timely strategy execution and business metrics.

72% of leaders are currently determining the composition and capabilities needed from their workforce in the next ten years, and are actively addressing gaps.(Fortune Magazine, 2016)

Have your strategic priorities changed in the past six months?

  • Have you refreshed, confirmed and prioritized competencies for critical roles?

Accelerate the value of your investment.

  • Do you have a game plan for work you will automate, buy, build, or contract?
    Are you on top of the factors that change that mix?

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