Timely execution of strategy for competitive advantage

Strategic workforce planning is a measurable, repeatable business process for timely execution of strategic initiatives.

  • It’s about continuously updating and clarifying demand
  • then assessing talent supply, addressing pain points
  • and anticipating both demand and supply six plus months ahead of the need

Even the right business strategy to take your organization to the next level typically is relevant for only 18 months. So roles that are most critical to executing your business strategy change as well.  We call these Roles of Impact® because if they’re filled by the right people with the right skills at the right time, executing business strategy on time won’t be left to chance. Can you afford not to invest?


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Our seven-step process is streamlined, repeatable, and measurable, enabling you to scale strategic workforce planning:

  1. Assess baseline practices to identify which lines of business to implement first.
  2. Provide a customized coaching plan for each line of business leader.
  3. Identify which roles are critical to execute strategic initiatives; clarified talent demand makes it possible to prioritize investments in workforce supply.
  4. Apply a continuous Environmental Scan to keep your business and human capital strategy current.
  5. Guide scenario planning to anticipate challenges to executing strategic initiatives 18-plus months in advance, and prioritize capacity and capability gaps and action plans.
  6. Use analytics to capture capacity and capability trends and progress, so people in Roles of Impact™ are successful in executing strategic initiatives.
  7. Provide change and project management to sustain improvement and progress.

Enlist our expertise in a guided implementation, and see these results:

  • Integrate strategic planning, human capital strategy and budgeting efforts.
  • Identify and prioritize competencies to fill roles critical to executing strategic initiatives.
  • Reduce vacancy costs, increase engagement and productivity.
  • Close priority capacity and capability gaps.
  • Keep up with the pace of change in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) market.

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