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Case Studies


Case Study:  Strategic workforce planning at a national non-profit


It began with a pain point (it usually does).  A national non-profit serving veterans anticipated the need to increase the number of flagship programs their brand was built on. Strategic planning was on the verge of committing to new ambitious goals, and yet, recruiting was challenged by a high vacancy rate and turnover.  The culture was strong with a highly engaged workforce.  A senior leader signed up to apply strategic workforce planning as his stretch goal to answer, “How could they plan for the future with confidence?”

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Case Study:  Strategic workforce planning in a global organization


A peace-keeping organization had a long-standing challenge of talent mobility in their global workforce of 45,000− and with good reason− if they did not get the right people in the right roles with the right skills on the ground in the right place at the right time, the consequences could be human life on a large scale.  In the past, various influential people, from strategic planning, human resources, and operations had tried to crack this nut. Framing the problem correctly was part of the problem− was it a political problem, a leadership problem, a process problem, or a human resources problem? Since mobility was a problem shared by all those stakeholders, what collaborative process and methodology could the organization use to make headway? The opportunity to apply strategic workforce planning was requested by their governing body, comprised of multiple countries; their governing board requested recommendations in 12 weeks.

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Director of Organizational Development “You helped us get past the staggering reality that 100 people in critical roles in our workforce are eligible to retire in the next few years.”
Executive Director of Education “HCS offered two blended learning classes (one virtually and one combination virtual and face-to-face) to help clinical practice leaders develop leadership and managerial skills. Attendees reported an improved ability to engage with staff and accomplish short-term initiatives with measurable impact. I would definitely recommend their consulting, organizational assessment and training services.”
Jet Blue “Talent-DNA online assessment tools transfer control of career management to the frontline knowledge workers to map passion to the mission, and put learning where the work is.”
Director of Training “Thank you for your amazing energy and skills in helping us to develop and grow.  This first strategic planning retreat will become a regular event.”
Director of Operations “I can still see the impact of your work five years later.”
Manager “Instead of spinning my wheels, I can use my “GPS” from your course to help me guide my teams through change.”
VP Public Affairs “We are now using a common language that has become associated with our brand.”
Learning and Development Manager The work HCS did facilitating a group of fifty people was productive, enjoyable and interactive. The outcome was a list of recommended strategic initiatives that had the support of all stakeholders. This information was critical in creating a business plan that was presented to our Board of Directors.”
Marketing VP “I engaged HCS to speak to a nationwide health information management system group on change management to support their conversion to electronic medical records. They are particularly knowledgeable in the healthcare space.”
Chief Learning Officer “A real leader in human capital management. Engaging facilitator of learning, demonstrating knowledge of design and breadth of talent management practices.”


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